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our selection of sausagesTraditional Ingredients

The Best Lincolnshire Sausage Ever!'
Choice Magazine
April 2000

"Our sausages are prepared using the finest ingredients."

Wherever possible we use free range meat and we do make every effort to use GM-free ingredients.
' We never add colourants or artificial preservatives'
We have also reduced the fat and salt content in all our recipes though some ingredients contain them as part of the production process of our suppliers.

* Gluten free sausages.

* Special dietary requirements. Many of our customers have special dietary requirements and we are used to giving help and advice to them. \Whenever we are able to help we will be happy to do so. It's probably best if you phone
to discuss your needs.

* We have reduced salt levels in all our recipes and we aim to more then meet Government guidelines on this.

* We have reduced the fat content in our recipes. However some fat is necessary in a good sausage as it helps with flavour, texture and "cookability"

* We never use processed bread or rusk in our sausages; we use oats. Oats are a natural product which help improve the flavour, juiciness (they retain
the wines and beers which we use in many recipes) and texture in many of our recipes. (For the sake of clarity, for those on a Gluten free diet, there are no oats or wheat products in our Gluten Free recipes)

* We never use artificial skins. We only use natural skins; they make a better sausage which is easier to cook and is much better to eat!

*Wherever possible we source GM free ingredients.

* Vegetarian sausages!

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